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Donna L. Zeller


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Doctoral Candidate, Ed. D. – Transformational Leadership
Coursework completed / Dissertation in process of completion


Penn State University – World Campus

2013 -  Master’s Degree in Human Resources Employee Relations

Areas of Concentration: Collective Bargaining and Labor Law


Penn State University – World Campus

2010 - BS Organizational Leadership


Writing Experience


Fiction books, mystery, young adult genre

Contributing author for mystery anthologies

Business research topics; i.e. organizational theories, business processes.


Fiction Books

 The 30th Street Neighbors

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The 30th Street friends, Brandon, Jessie, Terri, Gabbie, Matthew and Antonio, set up a computer to send signals far into the universe.  Initially, they think that a return signal is a mistake.  But when they test their model, they are assured that they are receiving live communications from a great distance.  Shortly after receiving that first signal, they are contacted by Ivan and Tatyana from Russia; and Aba and Abeni from Algiers.  They, too, are working on a similar model.  Together, the group continues to improve the process. 

Later, they would smile as they thought of those initial transmissions.  At the time, they thought that they were so sophisticated in their design.  Eventually. they travel past the deep abyss of stars to meet Acamar, Nusakar, and Nukasar.  Even now, they continue to honor their promise, made on that first voyage, not to share the information or their experiences with anyone.  They were concerned with how it might be used.

The 30th Street Neighbors: The Next Journey

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After graduating from prestigious universities, Brandon, Jessie, Terri, Gabbie, Matthew, and Antonio find themselves back in the small town where they grew up.  Ivan, Tatyana, Aba and Abeni also return to their hometowns in Russia and Algeria.  Though it was not planned, each one had selected a career path that will allow them to continue their work with Acamar, Nusakar, and Nukasar.  In this next journey, they learn that their planets are about to change.  Another planet, initially thought to be a fierce enemy, will be instrumental in the outcome of those changes.

The Cherokee Warrior and the Tigress Princess

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That beautiful, warm day, Little White Tail was riding his pony, Strawberry, on a path along the river.  Normally the well-trained pony listened to his commands; however, today was different.  Strawberry, perhaps sensing a desire for adventure in Little White Tail, rode way past the fallen tree.  Taisha, who was picking raspberries along that same path, didn’t hear the horse and rider until they almost knocked her over.  Their chance meeting would evolve into a discovery of a mystery that began with their ancestors and would continue with their children.

A New Promise

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The story is about the migration of the Quakers from England to Pennsylvania, parts of New Jersey and Delaware.  The characters, Hannah, Patience and Tom are the children of Quaker settlers who arrive in the New World around the 1600s.  Delaware Indian boys named Po-Na-Kah-Ko-Wah, Machk and Ahanu befriend them.  This is a tale of their friendships, hardships and adventures.

Nella's Attic Auction

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The main character, Brandon, is a pediatrician whose wife died shortly after their daughter, Marge, was born. The story begins with Marge as a young adult who has followed in her father's footsteps. Now that he has his daughter to take over the practice, Brandon decides to take a few weeks off to spend some time with his family and friends. During Brandon's visit, Nella mentions that she would like to sell some of the junk in her attic. Brandon offers to get a group together to help her with the chore. The auction is set for Memorial Day weekend. While going through an old trunk in the attic, Nella notices a letter that was written to her. Thinking it curious that it appeared to have never been opened, she is hesitant about looking at the contents. The letter, along with a mysterious chain of events, ultimately changes her life.

The Mystery Trip

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To celebrate Brandon's birthday, his parents plan a 'train ride' party.  The train's engineer, Buck, has ridden the track for most of his life.  this excursion was to be his last; he had plans to retire.  Not long after they begin their journey through the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the old familiar track begins to change.  With all the excitement of the party, not everyone is aware of what is happening.  Those who do notice don't say anything.  Their encounter with the strangers who have accidentally caused the fiasco leads to numerous adventures.  In their quest to return everything to the way it was, Buck, Brandon, Matthew, and Jessi, along with their dogs, Moxie and Bull, find themselves partnered with some strange visitors!


-Organizational Management in the Hybrid (Virtual Offsite / Traditional 'Brick and Mortar' Office)     Transnational Organization

-Organizational Design: The Hybrid (Virtual Offsite / Traditional 'Brick and Mortar') Transnational Organization

-Social Issues in the Corporate Sector: Drug Abuse in the Workplace

-The Hybrid Work Environment: The Business Process Argument for Adapting Organizational Structure

-The Retail Industry: Expanding in the Global Market

-The Influence of Economic Geography on Transnational Organizations

-United States: Disabilities and Workforce Diversity

-United States: Independent Contractor vs. Entrepreneurial Status

-Noncustodial fathers: The Impact of Income Level on Child Support Payments

-Cosmopolitan Leadership: A Leadership Model for Virtual Corporations

-Evaluating a Virtual Work Teams Program

-Small Businesses and Unionization

-Defining Job Content in a Small Business

-Global Employee Relations: Home and Host Country Effects

-Human Resource Management Research Methods in Multinational Corporations

-Domestic Workers in the U.S.: Is There a Need for Reform?

-Moving Organizational Knowledge Into the Future

-Global Crisis Management: The Transnational Model of Multinational Organizations



General Information:

Donna Zeller

Genre: Fiction: Books: Young Adult, Mysteries, Adventures;

Non-Fiction: Research Topics: Business Sector: Organizational Theory; Business Processes

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Twitter:  @DZellerBooks


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